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I`m Kalvin Manson

My real name is Gustavo Barragan but from a young age my all my family and friends call me Kalvin. 10 years ago, more or less, I became in web designer and was very interested by the software development, since then I work in web development in diferent areas like bakend development, frontend, database managment, server security and SEO. every day I try to learn something new to create more awesome web experiences, I know there is millions of things to learn and I will continue.

Sooner or later discipline will overcome intelligence.

Japanese proverb

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Starting again with my site

Starting again with my site

Already this is the fourth or fifth time I change my personal website, but now that I am working Laravel I am confident that the last time I start from scratch, I hope now dedicate to update and polish my site step by step taking advantage of the structure and scalability that this framework offers.

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