Country name Laboratory course Hong Kong, China University of Hong Kong Master of Science in City Planning City Design India Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Master of science and technology Japan Hitotsubashi University-Faculty of International Public Policy Asian Public Policy Program International University-Graduate School of International Relations. Master of the Arts of International Relations Master of the Arts of International Development Master of the Arts of Economics Master of the Arts of Public Management Graduate School of International Management Master of Business Administration (MBA) Keio University Graduate School of Science and Engineering Master of Science in International Graduate Program Engineering on Advanced Science and Technology Master of Science Graduate School of Economics Master of Economics Graduate School of System Design Management Master of system engineering Master of system design and management Graduate School of Commerce Master’s Program in Tax Policy and Administration Kobe University-Graduate School of International Cooperation Master of Economics Master of International Studies Master of Law Master of Political Science Kyoto University Graduate School of Management International Project Management Program (MBA) Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies Master’s Program in International Environmental Management Program Graduate School of Agriculture Special Agricultural Course-For the Global Future of Life, Food and the Environment (Master) Graduate School of Engineering International Course in Civil Engineering Infrastructure Management, Department of Civil Engineering and Global Resources Engineering International Course in Urban and Regional Development, Department of Urban Management Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University Bioresource Science Agricultural Environmental Science Agriculture and Resource Economy Student Physical Science and Biotechnology Graduate School of Law, Kyushu University Global Governance and Corporate Asia’s Economic Business Law Innovation and Law Basic Perspective of Economic Business Law Nagoya University-Graduate School of International Cooperation Master of art of international development National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Master-in 1-year Master’s Program in Public Policy (MP1) 2-year Master’s Program in Public Policy (MP2) Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Waseda University Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Graduate School of International Cooperation Policy Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Economics Master of Economics Saitama University – International Program in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering Master of Civil Engineering Tokyo Institute of Technology Mathematics Physical Chemistry Earth and Planetary Science Mechanical Engineering Systems and Control Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Information and Communication Engineering Industrial Engineering and Economics Material Science and Engineering Chemical Science and Engineering Mathematics and Computing Science Computer Science Life Science and Technology Building and Building Engineering Citizens and Environmental Engineering Interdisciplinary science United Nations University-Institute for Advanced Sustainability Master of Sustainability Science University of Tokyo-Department of Civil Engineering Master of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Development Department of Urban Engineering Master of Urban Engineering Department of Environment Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies Master’s Degree in International Studies Master’s Degree in Sustainability Science Faculty of International Health Master of Health Sciences (International Health Graduate School of Public Policy Master of Public Policy, International Program University of Tsukuba Master of the arts of economics Master of public policy new Zealand University of Auckland International Business Master Art Master (Development Studies) Science Master (Environmental Science) Engineering Master Program Public Health Master Pakistan Lahore University of Business Sciences Master of Business Administration Philippines Asian Institute of Management Master’s Degree in Business Administration Master’s Degree in Development Management International Rice Research Institute / University of the Philippines Los Banos Master of Agriculture Master of Agriculture Master of Science Agricultural Chemistry Agricultural Economics Agricultural Education Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Meteorology Agricultural Applied Nutrition Biochemistry Botanical Science Chemical Engineering Chemistry Community Development Development Communication Entomology Environmental Science Environmental Science Extended Education Food Science Genetics Microbiology Molecular biology Singapore National University of Singapore Master of Business Administration Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Master of Public Policy Faculty of Economics Master of Social Sciences (Applied Economics) School of design and environment Master of Science in Environmental Management Thailand Asian Institute of Technology Master of Science or Master of Engineering: Faculty of Engineering (SET) Software Engineering Electronic Engineering Computer Science Information Management Industrial Engineering and Management Design and Manufacturing Engineering Mechatronics Microelectronics Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Telecommunications Industry and Manufacturing Engineering Nanotechnology Information and Communication Technology Microelectronics And Embedded Systems Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Management Earth Engineering and Global Environmental Engineering and Management Earth System Exploration and Petroleum Earth Engineering Offshore Technology and Management Environment, Resources and Development School (SERD) Agricultural Systems and Engineering Fisheries Culture and Fisheries Resource Management Energy Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology Pulp and Paper Technology Gender and Development Research Natural Resource Management Regional and Rural Developers t Planning Environmental Engineering and Management Urban Environmental Management Agricultural Business Management Energy and Environmental Climate Change Schools for Sustainable Development Interdisciplinary Course Cleaner Production (SAT, SCE, SERD, SOM) Integrated Tropical Coastal Area Management (SERD and SCE) Integrated Basin Development and Management (SERD and SCE) Modeling Tools Environment and Resource Management (SERD and SCE) Disaster Preparation , Mitigation and Management Environment Geoengineering and Management University Mekong Semi-Regional Development Research Energy Business Management Faculty of Business Administration (SOM) Technology Management International Business International Public Management Business Management Bank and Finance Thammasat University Master of Engineering Master of Economics USA East West Center Master of Business Administration Master of Business Administration (Global MBA-Japan Track) Natural Resources and Environmental Management Ocean and Resource Engineering Ocean Studies Pacific Island Research Administration Sociology Tropical Plants and Soil Science Master of Urban and Regional Planning Law

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