New Delhi: JNU Delhi has announced that the NTA will now conduct the Central University Common Entrading Test (CUCET) exam from the 2022-23 academic year.

The decision was made in Scientific Council together with the Director of Reception Giant Tripati, UNU. The university’s decision to entrust the NTA as the governing body will take on the agency full responsibility for conducting the exam. Until now, the exam was conducted by the JNU.

This decision was made at the 159th meeting of the Academic Council of UNU on Wednesday. Recently, the University of Delhi also decided to hold KUET for his admission as directed by the UGC. .

Since 2019, JNU has been conducting JNU (JNUEE) entrance exams at several centers across the country for admission to various programs offered by the University. However, from the 2022-23 academic year the university will use CUCET marks to offer reception to different courses proposed by the JNU.

The exam will be conducted at various examination centers across the country using CBT or computer mode.

«During the discussion at the Academic Council meeting, a large number of members, including school deans, center chairmen and external board members, stressed that CUCET will provide a level playing field for many students from across the country who are eligible by reducing the burden of learning. passing several entrance exams“, According to an official statement.

Last year, the UGC headed vice chancellors Central universities in India to conduct NTA as a CUCET admission process. The solution from December 17, 2021 to make entrance exams mandatory.

According to a decision made earlier this year, AD has already announced that admission to multiple offices will be through CUCET.

Regarding the decision, Yogesh Singh, vice-chancellor of the University of Delhi, also said that the previously founded shutdown reception the system was a disadvantage for students with boards with a “strict” mark.

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