Andhra Pradesh Government Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022.. The state’s prime minister, YS Jaganmohan Reddy, has launched a plan to allocate parcels to middle-class or middle-income citizens. The government is implementing various programs to help residents realize their ambitions to buy a home.The government has adopted and offered these programs Low cost housing for people. The YSR government will provide homes for middle-income residents under this program. This project will be self-sufficient as it will acquire land from those who are willing to provide it. Check out the relevant details below. Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022 Highlights, objectives, features, benefits, qualification criteria, application procedures, etc.

Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022

Under this strategy, residential areas are affordably allocated to middle-income earners. This scheme was created non-profit, lossless to help middle-income households realize their home-buying ambitions. All districts in the state will be built for this township. District collectors have also given instructions to relevant departmental authorities regarding townships. The size of these plots ranges from 200 to 250 yards in length. Prime Minister Jagan Mohan Lady Jagananna smart city scheme Help people of Rs 306,000. Not only will housing be developed under this concept, but smart cities will also be developed. In the state, Pradan Mantriawas Yojana As a result, a residence of Rs 283,000 will be built. The central government will provide a total of 1.5 rupees per unit for this purpose.

Highlights of YSR Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022

Scheme name Jagananna Smart Town Scheme
Started by Andhra Pradesh State Government
Introduced in Prime Minister YS Jagan Mohan Lady
Beneficiary Andhra Pradesh Middle Class Family
Purpose Providing residential areas at an affordable price
state Andhra Pradesh
Official website
Year 2022
E Shram Card Self Registration

Purpose of the Jagananna Smart Town Scheme

The main goal of this scheme is to provide residential land to middle-income households. This plan will allow them to realize their ambition to own a home. A total of over 300,000 rupees will benefit from this plan. Residents of Andhra Pradesh Jagananna Smart Town Scheme Similarly. Andhra Pradesh citizens will be self-sufficient as a result of this strategy.Through this initiative, the Andhra Pradesh State Government will supply all the basics to residential areas. Utility at a reasonable price.

Benefits of the Jagananna Smart Town Scheme

Some of the main advantages of this scheme are:

  • The Andhra Pradesh Government will use this initiative to provide housing for middle-income earners.
  • This scheme benefits people who earn 3 to 18 Renaults a year.
  • People who work for the government are also included in the program.
  • Under this arrangement, residents can purchase lots at a lower price.
  • This plan will raise the standard of living of the middle class and increase the wealth of the city.
  • With the Jagananna Smart Town scheme, the site size will be 200-250 yards.
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Features of the Jagananna Smart Town Scheme

Some of the main features of the scheme are:

  • The Andhra Pradesh state government has proposed to transfer the assets to MIG (Middle Income Group) and establish an area with all offices within 5 km of the existing metropolis.
  • The land area (plot) ranges from 150 to 240 square yards.
  • The annual remuneration of qualified persons ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 180,000.
  • The state government has made tremendous efforts to ensure that the central salary group always receives the home it wants.
  • Government officials can also participate in this system and their income will be considered as much as possible.

Plot location and price

UDA name Area village ULB Price / square yard
Ahda Anantapur Knutur (region) Dharma Balaam Rs. 5999
nude SPSR Nerol Jamara Palem Kavali Rs. 4999
Anuda YSR Dig Baamba Baba Ram rayachoti Rs. 4600
In him Plakasam Kandu Cool Kandu Cool Rs. 6999
ELUDE West Godabari Sanibara Pupeta Elul Rs. 8999
AP CRDA Guntour Nowluru Mangaragiri Rs. 17499
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Standard size of plot under Jagananna smart town scheme

S. No type Plot size
1 MIG-I 150 square yards (33’X 41′)
2 MIG-II 200 square yards (36’X 50′)
3 MIG-Ⅲ 240 square yards (36’X 60′)

Eligibility criteria

Applicants wishing to apply for the Jagananna Smart Town Scheme must meet the eligibility criteria presented by the Andhra Pradesh State Government. The eligibility criteria for the Jagananna smart town scheme are:

  • This scheme is only available to those who are legal citizens of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  • The scheme is open only to middle class people.
  • Government officials are included in the program.
  • Middle-income people can earn 3-6 rupees a year and own a 150-yard plot.
  • A person who earns 600,000 to 120,000 rupees a year can own a 200 yard lot
  • Those who earn 12 to 18 Rakı a year can buy a 250 yard lot.
  • Only one plot is assigned to a house.
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Required documents

When filling out the application form for the Jagananna Smart Town Scheme, the applicant will need some important documents, so please keep them handy. The required documents for Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022 are:

  • Passport size photo
  • cell phone number
  • Adher card
  • Proof of earnings
  • Residence certificate
  • Email ID
  • Age proof
  • Distribution card

Procedure for applying for Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022

Applicants must apply by following the steps below. Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022

Step 1: Registration:

Before completing the PM Scholarship Application Form, applicants must complete the following steps to register.

  • First of all, go to Official website Andhra Pradesh State Government’s Municipal Administration and Urban Development Bureau
Procedure for applying for Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022
  • The home page of the website is displayed on the screen
  • Please click Apply for a plot tab
Procedure for applying for Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022
Procedure for applying for Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022
  • The registration form will be displayed on the screen.
  • Then fill out the form with all the required details, such as:
    • name
    • e-mail address
    • cell phone number
    • password
  • Then click the register button to complete the registration process.

Step 2: Fill out the application form

  • After successful registration, the applicant must log in using their registered mobile phone number and password to proceed.
  • Once the applicant logs in,[新規申請]Click the button
  • I agree to the terms of use now
  • If you agree to the terms of use, the Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022 application form will be displayed on the screen.
  • Then fill out the form with all the required details, such as:
    • Applicant name
    • date of birth
    • cell phone number
    • sex
    • PAN card
    • address
    • marital status
    • Annual income, etc.
  • Then upload all the required documents.
  • Now accept the declaration.
  • Finally, click the submit button to complete the application process.


If you have any questions or complaints regarding the details or related to Jagananna Smart Town Scheme 2022, please feel free to contact us with the following details.

office address Email ID
Afda office Door No. 11-86, near the joint collector bungalow anantaple.
Onda office D. No. 25-36-462, Nehru veedi, Santhapet 3rd line, Opp. Acharya ranga bhavan, ongole.
NUDA OFFICE Door number 26-1-355, BV Nagar, near Sai Baba Temple, Mini Bypass Road, Nerol – 524004, SPSR Nerol district.
ELUDA OFFICE Door No. 16B-16-34, Rukmini Nivas, Chandra Gupta Colony Eluru, West Goda Bali District-534003
Anuda Office D. No. 36 / 263-29, Reddy Colony, Near Adithya Kalyanamandapam, Chinna Chouk, Old By-Pass Road, KADAPA – 516 002, YSR District
APCRDA office Andhra Pradesh Metropolitan Development Bureau Lenin Center, next to Apsara Theater, Governor Peta, Vijayawada-520002

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