New Delhi: IGNOU launched the online Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MAJMC) program on Friday, January 14th. According to An IGNU news release, the program will be open to students from around the world and will begin the admission cycle in January 2022.

According to a statement issued by the university, Professor Nageshwar Rao, Vice-Rector of IGNOU, has launched an online MAJMC program admission to IGNOU. In his inaugural speech, VC stated that the MAJMC online program is futuristic and covers all aspects of journalism and mass communications.

He also added that the university will launch MAJMC in regional languages ​​such as Hindi and other languages ​​in addition to English.

The IGNOU School of Journalism and New Media offers a two-year master’s program.

The Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication is designed to develop talented professionals in the field of media and communication who have a holistic understanding of the media as a tool for change and development.

List and cost of courses IGNOU 2022

The program will assist the student in developing competencies and professional abilities to find employment opportunities in various media fields. This will provide opportunities for those working in media companies who do not have the necessary formal training to improve their knowledge and skills.

Professor Uma Kanjilal, Vice-Chancellor of IGNOU, highlighted the distinctive features of MAJMC, which include a variety of media courses that can be useful to a wide range of students.

For more information students should visit They can apply for the MAJMC online program at

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