On January 13, Ms. Mana Shah gave an introductory lecture on “One Fairy Tale, Two Languages ​​and the Holy Jain Place of Shatrunja.”

The topic of the 6th edition of this course is “Treasury of Literature of Pre-Colonial India”.

The theme highlights the fact that India is known worldwide for its rich collection of fine literature spanning several millennia. According to the official brochure in pre-colonial India there are many languages ​​such as Sanskrit and other regional languages.

Apart from the great variety of themes, motives, literary techniques and socio-cultural functions can also be found in India. This “literary escape” affected Indian civilization and became more important in its formation.

Refining the topic of IKS 2022, Michel Danina, Visiting Professor, HSS, IIT Gandhinagar said:

«Indian literature is colossal. It is one of the world’s greatest literatures with its epics, texts of philosophy and spirituality, dramas, poetic compositions, repositories of stories, folk tales, technical texts on medicine, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, management and many such works in the world. regional languages.

The professor went on to comment that Indian literature has always been a “powerful social tool” for connecting people, sharing different concepts and values, and providing a broad worldview.

IKS 2022 will include classes on several related topics, such as narrative literature on the prokrit J. R. Bhattachari, Urdu literature by Hamid Chopra, Indian literature by Kapilo Kapoor, coffee literature by K. Ramasubramanian, etc.

Lectures are recorded on video and will be posted on the course website and on the official IIT Gandhinagar channel on YouTube. Through the channel, candidates can also access lectures from previous 4 editions. Lectures are now being rewritten for publication.

IIT Gandhinagar in its official statement described the course as “turning point”. According to the statement, the course will explore the intellectual, literary, artistic, scientific and technological traditions of Indian knowledge, providing an insight into Indian civilization.

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