New Delhi: In 2021, the Sanskrit University of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, filed a total of 150 patent applications with the Intellectual Property of India, which ranked it 7th on the list of Indian academic institutions with the highest number of patent applications.

Since its founding in 2016. Sanskrit University filed more than 450 patents and 150 design applications. Among them, more than 50 patent publications have already been published.

Their patent portfolio now includes 21 issued patents along with a dozen new patents from various fields such as electronics and communications Engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, Chemistryetc.

Appreciating this achievement, Sachin Gupta, Chancellor of Sanskrit University, said that research and innovation are the foundation of India. Indian youth have tremendous potential and unique ideas that can be turned into patents by transferring knowledge to true innovation, he added.

The Intellectual Property Office (IP) of Sanskrit University runs monthly programs to inform students and staff about the importance of IP protection and commercialization. To ensure a smooth workflow, the option of working from home was introduced immediately after the announcement of the block, and all actions were taken online.

Committed to research and innovation, Sanskrit University is working to transform India’s developing economy into a developed economy. True to its motto “For excellence in life”, the university has made significant contributions to the field Science and Technology.

In 2021 alone, faculty members have published more than 1,500 scientific papers in renowned journals. Many of these reports have also been presented at various national and international conferences.

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About the University of Sanskrit

The University of Sanskrit is a charity registered in the United Kingdom. Leading its students to holistic development and career advancement, the university offers a wide range programs in subjects such as management, trade, education, science, technology, Indian medicine, agriculture, art, pro-medicine and so on.

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