A Small Story to love our nation

August 21, 2022 0 By admin

A Small Story to love our nation, Here the story begans

My father died and a legacy of about 40 million yen came into me. I immediately decide to move to the United States. Well, anyway, let’s get a student visa and go to a language school. With my language skills, it’s difficult to go to a community college suddenly.

With that in mind, I decided to attend a language school in California. I was thrilled to board the plane to the United States. Wow, this is America I admire! !! !! It’s amazing. Let’s enjoy a sightseeing trip for a while. I spent the first month on a sightseeing trip in the United States.

After that, I decided to share a room with a foreign student at the same school in a cheap dormitory introduced at a language school. Well, it’s the beginning of my American student life! Let’s do our best! !! !! On the first day of the language school, my teacher gave me a paper test. The class is decided by the result of the test. Wow, I don’t understand at all! !! !!

What should I do, why isn’t the American English test written in Japanese like Eiken? It’s all written in English! !! !! Obviously, this is America. After all, I decided to start from the lowest class at that language school. I went to a language school for about a month, but I couldn’t think of studying English. I’m too old to learn a new language.

I couldn’t keep up with the lessons, and sometimes I started to take a break from the lessons. At that time, a Japanese student from my classmate asked me to work part-time at a Japanese restaurant. If you go to a language school several times a week, you will not be dropped out, and if you drop out, your student visa will not expire for four years, so don’t worry.

If you work five days a week for lunch and dinner, you can earn $ 3,000 a month. I wonder if I can make as much as $ 3000 a month! I immediately started working at Japan Palace. However, I got sick in a week because I wasn’t very good at it. For a middle-aged man who had been decimated for a long time, the hurdle to work was too high.

No wonder. I then stayed in my apartment and played games every day. After a while, I left the dormitory. In the United States, you cannot rent an apartment unless you have a job and a stable income. I decided to stay at a cheap hotel. I’ve lived in a hotel for about a year, but even though it’s a cheap hotel, California is expensive. Money is running low in no time. Oh, what should I do! Even if I stay in America like this, I just run out of money.

Let’s go back to Japan before the property becomes Sukkarakan! I still had about 30 million yen left on my father’s legacy. I thought I could start over in Japan with that much. At that time, I met a beautiful Japanese woman. She was an immigration lawyer. She says she pays a certain amount of money to set up a corporation and hire a few of her employees to get a green card. Well, yes, let’s get permanent residence and do it at a ramen shop!

Then I must be able to live in America. America is the country of the American dream! I left everything to her. She was told that everything would work for 20 million yen. She paid her her money and waited for her destiny. Okay! This is the beginning of my reversal life! …. Of course the woman didn’t come back. On the contrary, 30 million yen was withdrawn. I didn’t check the documents because I couldn’t read English. At last I was in despair when I lost a sentence. I can not continue. Let’s go back to Japan and apply for welfare.

Yes, that’s good. But I don’t have the money to buy a ticket for a plane to Japan. Oh yeah, you can pay with your credit card. Was saved. I tried to buy a cheap flight to Tokyo online, but I couldn’t use my credit card. Yes, she was withdrawing cash to Max with her credit card. It’s no joke to say that a good scammer pulls his ass hair. Oh, what should I do! I’m in trouble, I’ll be homeless if I keep doing this! I thought about going to the Japanese Consulate and borrowing money.

And when I went to the consulate, it was a Japanese holiday, so the consulate was closed. Tonight, I will be camping in a nearby park. Wow, I’m finally homeless. What should I do! !! !! What should I do! But tomorrow the consulate is open so it should be okay. I went to the Japanese Consulate the next day. However, my passport was Korean, so I was told to go to the Korean consulate.

Wow, I forgot, I was Korean. Can’t speak Korean very well and can’t speak English. What should I do. It has become a big deal. After that, I was able to return to Japan safely. And I returned to the same life as before I came to the United States.

It’s back to Hikikomori. Finally, my adventure for over a year is over. The 40 million yen he lost was a high tuition fee, but it was a great experience for him. Since then, I’ve been ruining the North American version with the setting that I’m a senior American civil servant and live in a mansion. Congratulations, congratulations.