Increase employee engagement through different and effective strategies

August 21, 2022 0 By admin

Remote work has become the revolutionary change in the workplace that organizations never knew was possible. Although this arrangement has produced increased levels of productivity , this may not immediately translate into increased employee engagement. At Kalvinman, we understand how critical this aspect is to the success of your organization, which is why we’ve put together employee engagement strategies that will help you build understanding, harmony and performance between employees and management


1. Manage performance of each and every employee.

Employee Engagement involves not just improving the happiness of your employees but also strengthening their quality. And that is only achievable when you can perform an effective 360 degree appraisal allowing you to assess every area – professional, social and managerial in your employee’s life in a holistic manner. From administering surveys to conducting objective tests, we help you make decisions on how best to manage an employees performance, which might just be what’s needed to whip them into shape,. As Thomas Moponce has aptly said – “The persons who are loudest in insisting that what they want is responsibility are usually those least capable of making responsible use of it.”

2. Don’t let even your best employees get bored with their tasks.

Frustrated, bored and dissatisfied employees are the reason organizations slip from their pole positions. To prevent this from happening, you need to create opportunities for new projects for your employees. Allow them the flexibility to try out roles that are a little bit outside of their comfort zone, this allows them the opportunity to expand themselves and shine at something completely new. Make it a point to hear out different viewpoints in order to have better decisions being made by consulting people more often. Remember – Adapt or perish! When it Rains It Pours’ I was sitting with Carlos Wimber . . . . . .3

3. Let go of traditional models of training and development programs that incorporate merely on classroom lectures alone and embrace employee engagement by allowing off-wor k learning as well as on work delivered in the best interest of employee through soft-skills oriented training that cuts across how you balance human aspirations towards collaborative team work. We not just emphasize “training” but on improving managerial abilities as well as encouraging general behavioral changes which bring harmony between an organization along with its employee’s lifetime cause they’re important stakeholders in our ability to achieve long term success through business relationships…and value by becoming profitable economies with technology’s enablement of an internet driven approach being accessible for business propagation around the world where non planned nurturing ignores the underlying technological needs for a virtual balancing sensibility necessary beyond presumed notions associated with stability efficiency shouldn’t be misunderstood through assuming the capacity of creating a healthy working environment favorably impressed upon employees immune from problems so intensely bothering the outlook for sustainable development

As David Kelly has aptly said – “Success comes from specialization and harmonious effort.”

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5. Leaders should appreciate the very efficient operation of an organization with connected freedom and direct information.

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