Information on life coach training courses for individual guidance and online learning

August 21, 2022 0 By admin

Life coaching is a wonderful profession that supports the way of life for many people while making the most of what you have learned and skills from your life experience.

No special qualifications are required to make a life coach a job. However, it is essential that the coach has a wealth of effective communication skills and psychological knowledge in order to achieve the desired results and receive highly satisfying coaching . And not only the knowledge learned from the textbook, but also the attitude and self-confidence to work as a coach, session experience, business knowledge, etc. are necessary for success. What kind of coach you want to be is different for each person.

That’s why, why don’t you learn the coaching you admire and play an active role as a coach in the life coach training course where you can learn at your own pace according to your purpose?

The purpose of becoming a life coach was to convey what I learned from my own experience to many people using a process called a coaching session, and to support those who find it even a little difficult to live .

Even now, I hold sessions every day, hoping that as many people as possible can understand the true self through holistic life coaching and the essence that the world I see is actually created by myself . We are providing it.

However, in the process of being involved in a coaching session with many people, it is very uncontrollable just to coach each one, so in our world, we give up our power to something else. It has also become clear that there is a reality that is overflowing with those who have lost it.

The number of people I can meet is limited, but if anyone takes what I want to say and, as a coach, delivers the baton to someone I can’t approach …

That thought inspired me to start a coach training course.

Thankfully, how many people will dare to take my course from among the many options, overcome difficult tasks and exams, and graduate with confidence as a life coach. There are also.

I am deeply moved every day by showing the students how they can fulfill their dreams and at the same time support someone.

If you like it, why don’t you join such a circle?

Features of Course

  • Learn directly from an active holistic life coach
  • Completely private course, you can take a reasonable course according to your schedule
  • Complete the entire process in a minimum of 5 months (in the case of one lecture per week)
  • A course with all the foundations for working as a professional life coach immediately after taking the course, such as coaching skills, attitude as a coach, how to start a coaching business, etc.
  • Classes tailored to each individual’s purpose and level while devoting time to areas of interest and intensive support for weak areas, which are difficult in group courses
  • Anytime, anywhere you can take classes online
  • Practical lessons that incorporate coaching practice and role-playing into each lesson will improve your ability
  • With recording of lessons! You can repeatedly review the parts that you missed or were difficult to hear
  • By conducting practice coaching in parallel with the lesson during the lesson period, you will acquire practical skills and self-confidence during the lesson period.
  • Coaching sessions will be offered at half the general price to those who need them during the course period.

Those who would like to recommend this course

  • I want to finish studying life coaching in the shortest possible time and become a professional life coach
  • I want to acquire not only various skills but also the attitude and self-confidence as a coach during the course
  • I want to receive detailed guidance that suits my level of understanding and purpose
  • I want to study in a course that suits my schedule and pace
  • I also want to learn actual field examples and live voices of active professional coaches
  • I want to learn in an environment where I can easily ask questions at any time
  • I want to study in a course where you can take good care of me until graduation
  • I want to acquire life coaching skills and improve my main business skills (guidance of subordinates, team formation, employee education, other interpersonal service industry, etc.)

Those who should not take this course

  • I want to quickly acquire textbook knowledge
  • Qualification name recognition required
  • No time to devote to tasks such as preparation / review and practice coaching
  • I want to study in groups, not in individual classes
  • Those who are suffering from mental illness and are in the hospital, or those whose mental condition is unstable

Contents included in the training course

  • 16 lectures (90 minutes each, online lesson using zoom)
  • Original textbook (PDF distributed for each lecture)
  • Submission of assignment book reports (3 books)
  • Practice coaching session (18 people) and report submission
  • Correction and feedback of various reports
  • Graduation exam (writing and practical skills)
  • Issuance of certificate of completion
  • Graduation support

Schedule example

Mrs. A who has a relatively large amount of time to learn while his child goes to school

Since I have time, I will graduate in 5 months while doing assignments in lessons once a week.

 ContentsDesignated book reportPractice coaching
1st month4 lessons1 
2nd month4 lessons15
3rd month4 lessons15
4th month4 lessons 5
5th monthGraduation exam 3

Busy Mr. B with many business trips

In the months when there are many business trips, I will take a break and learn at the pace of my work.

 ContentsDesignated book reportPractice coaching
1st month2 lessons  
2nd month1 lesson1 
3rd month2 lessons  
4th monthGood night1 
5th month2 lessons 3
6th month2 lessons13
7th month2 lessons 4
8th month3 lessons 4
9th month2 lessons 4
10th monthGraduation exam