Travel to Germany? Or study abroad? Emigration? -Euro cashing at a great deal

August 21, 2022 0 By admin

Travel to Germany? Or study abroad?

Corona panic is a little calm in Germany, but how are you all in India? From May 4, 2020, the Immigration Department has resumed in Berlin, where I live, and the accompanying interpreters for customers who have been canceled until now have also resumed. Now that we are renewing those who already live in Germany and have a residence permit, the full opening of the border may still be a while away.

Those who were planning to move, study abroad, or be stationed in Germany in 2020 would be a big upset, wouldn’t they? I’ve spent a lot of time preparing documents, but I don’t know when I’ll be in Germany. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Still, there is no night that doesn’t dawn! There are no borders that won’t open! So, believing that one day you will be able to travel to Germany or postpone study abroad or immigration, prepare for it. There are also preparations for studying abroad and emigration that work in an advantageous way because of such times.

Get started now! Study abroad in Germany, preparation for emigration

What is indispensable for studying abroad, emigration, and traveling abroad? passport?

Of course, you must also prepare your passport in advance. The second most important thing after a passport, Rupees, it’s money. It is necessary to prepare cash not only for long-term study abroad and immigration, but also for small overseas trips. If you’re traveling for a week or so, you can manage with just a credit card, and if you really need cash, you can use the cashing function of your credit card to get cash locally. But credit cards don’t make a fool of you.

When it comes to traveling, immigrating, working holiday or studying abroad for more than a few weeks, the amount of money will be large, so the credit card cashing function is not enough. Credit cards are basically accepted everywhere in Europe, but credit cards are often not accepted in places like small shops and blue sky markets. Considering that, even a short trip requires a certain amount of cash.

The question then is, how do you convert Indians Rupees into euros? Is there a good way? I think that is the place. The exchange rate is also rising and falling every day, so it’s definitely better to convert it to euro when the rate is good. Next, I would like to introduce a great way to convert Rupees to euro.

Let’s exchange study abroad and emigration funds into euro

Now, let’s find out what the euro rate in web.

As of May 18, 2020, it is about 117 Rupees per euro. As of February 3, it was about 120 Rupees per euro. That means …

If you change 100,000 Rupees to 1 euro and 117 Rupees, it will be about 854 euros, and if you change it to 120 Rupees, it will be 833 euros. At this point the difference is already 21 euros. There is a difference of about the cost of eating out once. If this was a year’s study abroad fund or family migration fund …

But this rate of 117 Rupees is the official rate, isn’t it? If you actually take Indians Rupees to a money changer or bank and have it converted to euro, you will be charged a fee. For example , a company called Travel Rex has a very convenient service that allows you to apply online and deliver foreign currency to your home, but this rate is about 123 Rupees. The difference of 5 Rupees from the official rate of 117 Rupees is the fee for banks and money changers. I don’t have time to exchange money on a short trip! In that case, it is a convenient service, but when it comes to cashing over 1 million Rupees, it makes a lot of difference.

So what is the best way to convert Rupees into euros with the lowest exchange fees?

How to redeem Rupees at the best rate

From the conclusion, it is FX.

Eh FX !?

You just want to convert Indians Rupees into euros instead of investing! Rupees, I thought so at first.

FX is also used for foreign currency investment, but it is just cash if you do not apply leverage (high magnification). . The advantage of being able to apply online is that you cannot sell other products. If you want to go to the counter and open an Forex account to convert to euros, hey, this product has a better interest rate, I’m not the only one who seems to be open for leverage. am.

Not only can you open an account comfortably online, but if a bank or money changer charges a fee of 5 Rupees, it is 0.5 Rupees for Forex.

In addition, this Money Partners can receive cash at Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, Kansai International Airport, and Chubu Airport up to 2000 euros with an additional fee of 500 Rupees. If you have 2000 euros, cash is okay for the time being.

Next time, those who don’t have enough cash for 2000 euros, those who need to send more money to live in Germany for a while after getting permission to stay, and those who need to send money continuously because their children have been studying abroad for several years. Therefore, we will introduce a great deal on overseas remittance and cashing methods