Why do Japanese people in the United States not want to go back to Japan? 

August 21, 2022 0 By admin

Japanese with United States

1 Japan has no human rights (only it is supposed to be in front of the building)
2 Japan has no privacy (only it is supposed to be in front of the building)
3 Japan has a low salary (only it is supposed to be high in front of the building )
4 The working environment in Japan is terrible (it’s just a good thing in front of the building)
5 Various discrimination are not prohibited by law in Japan (just because it’s prohibited in the building)
6 Japan is not a new graduate I can’t become a full-time employee of a first-class company (I’m just supposed to be able to do it before the construction)
7 All Japanese dishes have similar tastes (because they are based on soy sauce and Ajinomoto)
8 In Japan, only senior citizens can undergo PCR tests (It’s only supposed to be received in front of the building)
9 Japan has many intellectual crimes targeting old people (only less in front of the building)
10 Japan has strong synchronization pressure and it’s hard to live (It’s easy to live in front of the building ) Only)

The darkness of Japan The bad things about Japan

1. It is the safest in the world, but it does not deal with school bullying and marital violence.
2. Clean everywhere, but the salaries of cleaners are as low as in developing countries.
3. There is a rich history and tradition, but it does not create a new culture.
4. There are few cultural taboos such as subculture, but if gays come out, civil servants will be fired.
5. The oldest surviving imperial family in the world, but the fact that it contains Korean blood is taboo.
6. Beautiful nature, high forest rate and abundant water resources, but people die from floods and landslides during typhoons.
7. Although it is a highly capitalist economy, it is dominated by the American and Jewish economies.
8. Exciting city life, but I don’t know what is exciting.
9. Healthy, diverse and delicious eating habits, but all Japanese food tastes like soy sauce and Ajinomoto.
10. Although it has a high degree of civilization and education level, it is not world-class and is merely an obedient office worker education.
11. Although the medical system is equal to the people, poor people cannot receive higher medical care like in the United States.
12. The science and technology is high enough to win the Nobel Prize every year, but thanks to most people studying in the United States.
13. Good manners and courtesy, but people die every year due to road rage, bullying and power harassment.
14. It has the highest average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy in the world, but after 70, it will be drugged at the hospital.
15. The world’s number one creditor, but nothing can be done without the permission of the United States.
16. There is a culture that loves the four seasons and the seasons, but there are so many foreign countries.
17. The transportation is accurate on time, but if you get sick on the train, you will be thrown out without waiting for an ambulance.

It’s a new troll. It’s probably the work of Japanese people living in Japan who don’t have their own opinions. Japanese common sense people have no courage

Japanese common sense people If they go against it, they will be excluded from the common sense people To be a common sense person rather than telling logically correct things Because it is a condition , common sense people in Japan are only courageous and pathetic people.

Cannabis is harmful and not a luxury item. In Japan, where this is the atmosphere of Japan, it is a crime just to smoke or have cannabis.

If I’m not good at it, I just smoked grass and went to the pig box.
It can’t be over here. When college students go to a party, everyone smokes. 
I don’t want to go back to Japan just for that.

If you’ve studied abroad in the United States, you’ve probably smoked almost 100% marijuana. Anyone can use stimulants once or twice.
But when I returned to Japan, I couldn’t say I did it even if I died.
It’s socially wiped out. Especially ordinary office workers cannot be said.
I can’t tell my parents, friends, or spouse. Japan is such a stuffy country.

But it would be hard for him to be put in jail with cannabis. Such a person would want to go back to America.

Even at the bottom of America, it may be a paradise for trolls. In Japan, even neat or withdrawal feces may work decently when you come to the United States.

I have no parents to rely on here, so I have to be independent for my life.
After all, life and death are at stake. That would be mentally and physically healthier.

You may fail and die. You’re much happier than staying in Japan as a virgin for the rest of your life. People who were born and raised in Japan will always be concerned about Japan no matter where they live in the world.

I go back to Japan at least once every few years, and my relatives, relatives and old friends still live in Japan.
Japanese people living in foreign countries shouldn’t get involved with Japan anymore! I
wonder how many Japanese people are angry with Kankan and have a narrow discretion.
Trolls, you’re a kid who doesn’t know the fear of America yet.
It’s a big mistake if you think you’re jealous of living in North America.
If you have the energy and free time to troll, borrow a million from Sarakin and come over here.
That’s fun.

I might fail and die. It depends on your talent, ability and luck.

I was happy that I was able to make connections to change jobs to the same job, and my annual income increased.
If you live in the big Americas, you don’t need the nationality of a small country, Japan.

Currently, it doesn’t start without flexibility and personal wishes.
Japan is a small country with oppressed and obedient sheep.
For politicians and business owners, tame slaves will never stop laughing.
I’m glad I came to America.

If I stayed in Japan as it was, I would wear a rat-like suit with no personality and lose my independence according to the surroundings, and I would act like a cult religious group and commute on a crowded train with a pale face like an exhausted slave. It would have been.

Just thinking about it now makes me chill. I always think after returning to Japan, but I think Japan is a group cult and a country of depression.